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Here are some resources that we use for Christmas decorating information and supplies.

Light-O-Rama manufactures the light controllers and sequence editing software that is used to create and run the automation for our display. They also have a great forum for LOR users to exchange information.

Wow Lights offers pre-made animation sequence files with music for Light-O-Rama controllers. Many of the songs in our display are based on sequence files created by Wow Lights. They sell ready to use decorating items, such as the talking Santa face and Shooting Stars we use. They are also a Light-O-Rama distributor.

Planet Christmas is a great information resource and has a very active forum covering a wide range of topics from Christmas recipes to building Mega Trees and Leaping Arches.

The Demented Elf provides professional voiceovers at a very reasonable price. This is the source for the voiceovers used in our display.

Creative Displays is our source for high quality full-wave LED light strings. Take advantage of the great pre-buy sale prices early in the year.

Christmas Done Bright is our source for wire frame display items such as the Cat, Dog, and Mouse in our display. offers Mega Tree supplies/kits, strobes, and other useful display items. This is our primary source for the strobes and Mega Tree hardware in our display.

EDM Electronics manufactures very high quality low power FM transmitters. We use the LCD model for our display. There are periodic group buys arranged by members of the Planet Christmas forum.

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